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Complete Auto Electrical Service

Electrical systems are becoming more and more important in today’s computer controlled vehicles. At Gadallah Service Center we find ourselves leading the way in the diagnosis of electrical circuits and computer controlled systems. Many local auto repair shops bring vehicles they cannot diagnosis to us for our expertise and assistance in electrical diagnosis and repair.

Our many years and expertise in electrical diagnosis means a cost savings to our clients as we have either seen your electrical concern before or will be able to find and repair it quickly and correctly.
And the following is an examples of what we cover:

All light problems

In the event that your vehicle lights are not working it may cause a vehicle malfunction or accidents as well as a moving violation.
Examples; Brake light, Car tail lights, Driving lights, Head lights, Led lights, Replacement Bulbs, ..etc.

Battery / Short Circuit

Sometimes electrical shorts develop from wires that have lost their insulation and rub bare wire against metal in the car. Shorts that go without repair will eventually wear down batteries and alternators.
In Gadallah Service Center, We Offer replacing the belt that turns the alternator and also the battery.

Power window and lock

If you are having problems with your power window or locks here at Gadallah Service Center, Our qualified experience technicians can repair most problems for example; Power window motors, Power window regulators, Power window switch, Power window shorts, Power window lock, Power window harness wires, Power door lock switch, Power door lock shorts, ..etc.


Car starters and truck starters have to deliver loads of torque for cranking vehicle engines in all weather conditions. In cold or hot weather, starter heat soak can create and iffy start up. Either way you are not getting anywhere if your starter motor decides to give up. We offer quality starter motors and great warranties.


Alternators use compact, electronic voltage regulators that may be housed inside the alternator or the voltage regulator function. The alternator generates direct current for recharging the battery and for powering vehicle electrical loads.

Ignition switch

A car's ignition switch serves several purposes. First, it allows you to control the power to many of the car's accessories, preventing them from running down the car's battery when it is parked for a long period of time. It switch also serves the far greater purpose of connecting the starter to the battery, allowing the battery to send a powerful surge of electricity to the starter when the car is being started.

Services Warranty

You are more than Welcome to Maintain your car at Gadallah's. As an Authorized Service Center, Enjoy Speranza program Benifits During warranty period at Gadallah Service Center.

For more Info/Inquiries about Warranty Benifits:

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Spare Parts

For Speranza ,We Only Use Orignal.

As an Authorized speranza service center, we use the orignal spare parts from the factory direct to your car. But If you own different car model, we use genuine spare parts that cost as same as the current market prices.

Gadallah Service Center is proud to serve you, covering all auto repair areas with the most professional Technicians and Repair Services in Hurghada and Red Sea Governate.