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El Salam St., El Dahar, Hurghada, Egypt. Tel:    +20 65 354 2112

Engine Sensors and Electronic Diagnostics

When your “Check Engine” light is flashing, it's time to take your vehicle to Gadallah Service Center. With a perfect location, you're never far from the best kind of car engine repair shop – Gadallah.

Our expert technicians will be able to tell you what's going on under the hood using Computer Scanners. From emissions diagnostics to car engine repairs, part replacement to general engine maintenance, Gadallah Service Center offers complete engine care.

Engine Performance and Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle's health is always in your best interest. Cars that are well taken care of outperform and outlast those that are not. When something feels “off” with your vehicle, don't hesitate to bring it to Gadallah Service Center. Our expert Gadallah Service Center auto technicians will assess your car and provide anything it needs, from routine maintenance to major auto repair services. With Gadallah Service Center, you know your car is in good hands – after all, Gadallah auto repair experts have been doing this for more than 17 years. How many other auto shops in Hurghada can say that?

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Any recommendation from a Gadallah Service Center expert comes with a thorough explanation, and we never do any work without a “go ahead” from our customers. Gadallah Service Center is dedicated to giving the best and most complete engine repair services available, and our goal is to get you back on the road and to the good stuff: driving.

Services Warranty

You are more than Welcome to Maintain your car at Gadallah's. As an Authorized Service Center, Enjoy Speranza program Benifits During warranty period at Gadallah Service Center.

For more Info/Inquiries about Warranty Benifits:

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Spare Parts

For Speranza ,We Only Use Orignal.

As an Authorized speranza service center, we use the orignal spare parts from the factory direct to your car. But If you own different car model, we use genuine spare parts that cost as same as the current market prices.

Gadallah Service Center is proud to serve you, covering all auto repair areas with the most professional Technicians and Repair Services in Hurghada and Red Sea Governate.